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Genesis PWC1000 Trailer
Genesis PWC800 Single PWC Trailer

Carries One PWC That Is Up To 11'
900 LB Capacity

Genesis PWC1000 Trailer
Genesis PWC1000 Single PWC Trailer

Carries One PWC This Is Up To 11'
1,250 LB Capacity

Genesis PWC1350 Trailer
Genesis PWC1350 Single PWC Trailer

Carries One PWC That Is Up To 11'
1,450 LB Capacity

Magneta UWPC1LP PWC Trailer
Magneta UPWC1LP PWC Trailer

Carries One PWC That Is Up To 13' 
1,150 LB Capacity

Magneta UWPC2SU Double Stand Up Jet Ski Trailer
Magneta UPWC2SU Double Stand Up Jet Ski Trailer

Carries Up To 10' Long Stand Up Jet Skis,
1,100 LB Capacity

Magneta UPWC2NW Double PWC Trailer
Magneta UPWC2NWHD Narrow Double PWC Trailer

Carries Two PWC's That Are Up To 13' 
1,500 LB Capacity

Magneta UWPC2LPXHD Double PWC Trailer
Magneta UPWC2LPXHD Double PWC Trailer

Carries Two PWC's That Are Up To 13' 
1,900 LB Capacity

Magneta UWPC2LPTD Double PWC Trailer
Magneta UPWC2LPTD Double PWC Trailer

Carries Two PWC's That Are Up To 13' 
2,900 LB Capacity



Galvanized Jet Ski Trailers

At ProSport Trailers, we understand your passion for personal watercraft adventures. That’s why we offer top-of-the-line jet ski trailers, with a hot dipped galvanized frame for maximum corrosion resistance. Whether you’re heading to the lake or exploring the open seas, our trailers ensure your jet ski arrives intact and in style. Our jet ski trailer kits feature an all-welded frame and are simple to assemble. These trailers are designed to carry one or two personal watercraft, making them perfect for solo outings or family fun. Optional gear storage boxes available on some models. We have a PWC trailer for sale that suits every adventurer, and our goal is to make it easy for you to get on the water whenever the mood strikes.

New Jet Ski Trailers

We are pleased to offer new Magneta and Genesis trailers for sale. Made in the USA, these single & double jet ski trailers combine quality, durability, and convenience, offering a seamless transport solution. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, we offer new jet ski trailers for sale that will provide the reliability you need. With options to suit various sizes and types of jet skis, we have the perfect jet ski trailer for you.

Double Stand Up Jet Ski Trailer

For those who believe in ‘the more, the merrier’, our double jet ski trailers are perfect for you. Designed to carry two jet skis comfortably, these trailers are perfect for those fun-filled days out on the water with friends and family. In addition to standard double jet ski trailers, we also carry a double stand up jet ski trailer for those that need to get their stand up jet skis to and from the water. The Magneta UPWC2SU double stand up jet ski trailer can carry 2 stand up jet skis that are up to 10 feet in length and offers a total carry capacity of 1,100 LBS

Our trailers are built to last, ensuring that you can make the most of your watercraft for many years to come. Explore our range of jet ski trailers and find one that’s perfect for your next adventure. At ProSport Trailers, we are more than just a trailer company, we are a team dedicated to helping you make the most of your outdoor pursuits. With our range of high-quality, high durability jet ski trailer kits, we would be delighted help solve your PWC transport needs. For more information, visit our website at or give us a call at 888.940.2628.