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Genesis PF22 Tritoon Bunk Trailer With Tail
Genesis Bunk Pontoon Trailers

Pontoon Bunk Trailers
& Tritoon Bunk Trailers

Genesis Large Center Tritoon Trailer Shown With Load Guides, Ladder, & Spare Tire
Genesis Large Center Tritoon Bunk Trailers

Manitou Tritoon Trailer For Tritoons With A
Lowered, Larger Diameter Center Pontoon

Genesis Center Lift Pontoon Trailer
Genesis Crank Up Pontoon Trailers

Manual Crank Up Center Lift

Genesis Center Powered Lift Pontoon Trailer
Genesis Powered Center Lift Pontoon Trailers

Battery Powered Hydraulic Center Lift

Genesis Center Lift Tritoon Trailer
Genesis Center Lift Tritoon Trailers

Battery Powered Hydraulic Center Lift


Pontoon Trailers In Michigan

ProSport trailers is a pontoon trailer dealer and tritoon trailer dealer that sells mainly to customers in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Our trailer pick up location is in Holland Michigan.

If your pontoon boat or tritoon boat simply needs to be put in the water in the spring and taken out of the water in the fall or if you transport your boat from place to place to enjoy various lakes and waterways, you need a reliable pontoon trailer or tritoon trailer. The right trailer makes life easy by allowing you to transport your boat safely and securely. At ProSport Trailers, we carry Genesis pontoon trailers and Genesis tritoon trailers in a variety of types and sizes. Whether you need a bunk pontoon trailer, tritoon bunk trailer, hydraulic tritoon trailer, center lift pontoon trailer (also known as a crank-up pontoon trailer if the lift action is manual) or hydraulic pontoon trailer if the lift action is battery powered, Prosport Trailers has what you need! Additionally we offer a specialty Manitou tritoon trailer for Manitou tritoons with a larger and lower center tube.


Pontoon trailer & tritoon trailer sizes:

  • Single axle pontoon trailers & tritoon trailers – for lightweight boats measuring between 12’ and 24’ in length
  • Tandem axle pontoon trailers & tritoon trailers – for medium weight pontoon boats measuring up to 28’ in length
  • Triple axle pontoon trailers & tritoon trailers – for heavier boats weighing measuring up to 28' in length

Standard specifications for Genesis pontoon trailers & Genesis tritoon trailers include a hot-dipped galvanized steel frame for longevity, tongue jack with wheel, 4 way flat electrical connector, and leaf spring suspension. Choose the right type of pontoon boat trailer for your specific needs, then customize it further with your chosen specialized options. Available options for pontoon boat trailers and tritoon trailers include: ladders, radial wheels, spare wheels, electric drum brakes, hydraulic drum brakes, hydraulic disk brakes, tritoon upgrade, and an extended tail on the trailer.


Center Lift Pontoon Trailer AKA Hydraulic Pontoon trailer & Hydraulic tritoon trailer:

  • Center lift pontoon trailers are ideal for shallow put in locations due to their ability to raise and lower, however they are less stable than bunk style trailers due to their narrow design. These pontoon scissor trailers feature either a manual hand crank or 12 volt battery powered hydraulic lift with hand control to raise and lower the frame rails. Battery in weatherproof box and solar charger come standard on hydraulic models.
  • Hydraulic tritoon trailers are available in tandem or triple axle configurations for 24, 26' & 28' tritoon boats
  • Hydraulic pontoon trailers are available in tandem & triple axle configurations for 20', 22', 24', 26' & 28' pontoon boats


Bunk Pontoon Trailers and Tritoon Bunk Trailers:

  • Bunk pontoon trailers have a wide stance and are known for their stability. They feature four adjustable carpeted bunks, two on each outside frame rail for the pontoons to sit on.
  • Tritoon bunk trailers are similar to bunk style pontoon trailers in regards to having excellent stability. They feature 6 adjustable carpeted bunks, two on each outside frame rail and a bunk set in the center of the trailer to support the center toon.
  • Bunk pontoon trailers and tritoon bunk trailers are available in single, tandem & triple axle configurations for 12', 14', 16', 18', 20', 22', 24', 26' & 28' pontoon and tritoon boats


Browse to see our extensive selection of pontoon trailers for sale, tritoons trailer for sale, and Manitou tritoon trailers. If you are looking for pontoon trailers in Michigan or tritoon trailers in Michigan, our trailers are conveniently available for pick up in Holland MI. We may be reached at 888.940.2628 for questions or further information!


Tritoon Trailers & Pontoon Trailers - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can tritoon trailers and pontoon trailers be shipped to me?

Pontoon and tritoon trailers must be picked in Holland Michigan when they are ready.

Are your pontoon and tritoon trailers ready for immediate pick up?

Lead times generally run about two weeks. Depending on order flow, in some cases it can be quicker than that - please inquire if you need a faster pick time. During the busiest time of the season, lead times can exceed two weeks. Please check with us for the most current estimated lead time.

Should I get a center lift crank up or bunk style pontoon trailer?

Bunk Pontoon trailers are the least expensive and most stable of the two types. Crank up pontoon trailers are more expensive and less stable but are best if you have a shallow put in/take out location since the height is adjustable. They are also allow you to set your boat on the ground and pick it back up again if needed.

What paperwork do I need to register my pontoon trailer with the state?

You will need a bill of sale and a manufacturer’s statement of origin. We provided these documents for all the trailers that we carry. We mail the documents to you.