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Large Kayak Trailers for Kayak Rental Companies, Kayak Tour Companies, Camps, and Scout Troops

ProSport Trailers is your one-stop solution for all your kayak transport needs. We carry Genesis kayak trailers and Magneta kayak trailers built in the USA of the highest quality materials. All of the kayak trailers that we carry feature a hot-dipped galvanized frame, 12” wheels with high-speed tires (may be upgraded to 13” wheels), leaf spring suspensions, and submersible lights.

Versatile Range: 8 to 20 Kayak Trailers No matter the size of your kayak fleet, we’ve got you covered. Our range includes trailers that can carry from 8 to 20 kayaks, making us the perfect choice for organizations needing to transport many kayaks.


Kayak Trailers With Storage

Our trailers are great at moving kayaks but can also easily be outfitted to carry gear such as paddles and life jackets. With optional poly carry boxes available for most models, you can conveniently carry gear right on the trailer providing you with an overall organized solution for getting to the water.


8 Kayak Trailers

8 place kayak trailers are perfect for groups or rental companies just starting out. They come with all the features you need to get your kayaks to the water. A popular model in this category is the Magneta UKCT8 8 Kayak Trailer which features 80” high uprights with 36” wide cross arms. This UKCT8 can carry 8 kayaks on their bottoms and even more if they are carried on their side 2 per carry arm (may not work for all kayaks depending on kayak depth).


10 Kayak Trailers

Need to transport a couple more kayaks? 10 place kayak trailers offer the same great features as our 8 kayak trailers, but with 95” high uprights which allows room for an extra set of carry arms. The Magneta UKCT10 10 Kayak Trailer is a high-quality example that is perfect for growing kayak rental companies, camps, and tour companies.


12 Kayak Trailers

For larger groups, 12 place kayak trailers are a great solution. With room for 12 kayaks and optional storage boxes storage for gear, you can get everything to the water in one trip. The Genesis KC5416-1000-6 is an economical option that can carry 6 kayaks on their bottoms and 12 kayaks if carried on their sides, 2 per carry arm. A low profile option is the Magneta UKT12LP Low Profile 12 Kayak Trailer which allows for easier loading and unloading due to its lower overall height. Another great contender in this category is the Malone MegaSport Outfitter Trailer which can carry a large number of kayaks, canoes or a mixed load of the two.


18 Kayak Trailers and 20 Kayak Trailers

For the largest groups, we offer 18 place kayak trailers and 20 place kayak trailers. These trailers are designed to handle a large number of kayaks and lots of gear. Like all our trailers, they feature a hot-dipped galvanized frame, quality wheels with high-speed tires, and optional poly carry boxes for gear. The Magneta UKT18LPHD low profile kayak trailer and the Magneta UKT20 are examples in this group.


ProSport Trailers – Large Kayak Trailer Dealer

No matter the number of kayaks you need to transport or if a kayak trailer with storage is required, ProSport Trailer’s has a trailer for you. Our top quality, made in America Malone kayak trailers, Genesis kayak trailers and Magneta kayak trailers make transporting your kayaks and gear as efficient as possible. Explore our selection online today or call 888.940.2628 today for help in finding the perfect trailer for your needs.