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ProSport Trailers has your large and small kayak trailer needs covered

We carry an extensive selection of high quality galvanized kayak trailers all made in the USA. The brands we carry include Magneta kayak trailers, Genesis kayak trailers, and Sylvansport Go Easy kayak trailers. We ship kayak trailers to anywhere in the continental USA and Canada.

Our selection includes kayak trailers that are following sizes; single place kayak trailers, tandem kayak trailers, 3 kayak trailers, 4 kayak trailers, 6 kayak trailers, 8 kayak trailers, 10 kayak trailers, 12 kayak trailers, 18 kayak trailers, & 20 kayak trailers. Our customers include individuals, rental companies, tour operators, scout troops, outfitters, and governmental agencies that need a high quality solution to transport their kayaks to the water.

Best Kayak Trailer Features:

  • Large range of sizes & carrying capacities including small kayak trailers for individual and larger kayak trailers for businesses and not for profits
  • Kayak trailers for cars can be easily towed by a car
  • Tongue extensions enable trailers to accommodate longer kayaks
  • Made in the USA from the highest quality components
  • Simple to load and easily hook to a 2" ball hitch
  • These are the best kayak trailers for saltwater and freshwater use due to their galvanized finish for protection from corrosion
  • Four way flat electrical connector to power lights and turn signals

ProSport Trailers is dedicated providing the best kayak trailers in the industry. We aim to make your trailer purchase simple and affordable. Check out our full range of large and small kayak trailers on our website where you will find detailed information including specifications, options and shipping. If you need more advice, don't hesitate to call us at 888.940.2628, where our customer advisors will be happy to help you choose the right kayak trailer!


Galvanized Kayak Trailers - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are galvanized kayak trailers better than painted kayak trailers?

Yes. Before galvanized kayak trailers are assembled, the steel tubing is dipped in a hot zinc galvanizing solution that coats both the inside and outside of the tube. The zinc coating adheres to the steel better than paint, covers both the inside and outside of the tubing, and is more durable than paint leading to less frame corrosion.

What is the advantage of going with a larger wheel size on a kayak trailer?

The main advantage of larger wheels is less overall tire rotations leading to less wear and a longer life for the axle and bearings. Additionally larger wheels look nicer and provide a slightly better ride especially on rough and potholed roads.

Do galvanized kayak trailers last longer than painted kayak trailers?

In general a galvanized kayak trailer is expected to last on average 5 or more years longer than a painted trailer. The lifespan of any trailer will depend on the conditions the trailer is used in (i.e. salt water vs freshwater) and how well the trailer is maintained.

Do you carry kayak trailers for cars?

We do carry many kayak trailers that an be towed by a car. These are mainly the 1 kayak to 4 kayak trailers. Some Larger trailers may also be able to be pulled by a car. We list the weight of our trailers on our site. Simply add the trailer weight to the weight of the kayaks you intend to carry and make sure this number falls within your car's towing capacity.