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ProSport Trailers is dedicated to providing high-quality canoe trailers to meet the needs of canoe rental companies, tour companies, camps, and scout troops. We carry Magneta Canoe Trailers that are finished with a hot-dipped galvanized coating that resists corrosion and ensures longevity. All the trailers that we offer are proudly built in the USA. Trailers feature 12” or 13” wheels with high-speed tires for a smooth, safe ride. Whether you need to carry 8, 10, or 12 canoes, we have a trailer to fit your needs. If you require a canoe trailer with storage, we have you covered. Our canoe trailers can also be used to carry kayaks.

8 Canoe Trailers

8 place canoe trailers fit the needs of medium size outfitters, camps and scout troops. Popular models in this size range include the Magneta UFCT8 comes standard with 13” wheels and can be purchased with fiberglass floor panels and stake pockets to build wooded sides allowing for the entire frame to be used as a storage platform.

10 Canoe Trailers

For slightly larger groups, the Magneta UKCT10 provides the perfect balance between capacity and usability. This trailer is available in three configurations, the standard model which can carry 1,200 LBS, the HD model which can carry 1,700 LBS, and the dual axle model which can carry 2900 LBS. It can also carry kayaks.

12 Canoe Trailers

If you need to carry 12 canoes, our 12 place canoe trailer provides a great solution. This trailer is also available in three configurations; the Magneta UKCT12 12 Canoe Trailer has a carry capacity of 1,175 LBS, the UKCT12HD model has a carry capacity of 1,675 LBS, and the UKCT12TD dual axle model can handle 2,900 LBS. These capable trailers are the workhorses of our range and can also carry kayaks.

Looking for a Canoe Trailer With Storage

If you need to carry gear, we offer optional poly storage boxes that mount on the trailer for carrying paddles and gear. These boxes integrate seamlessly with our trailers, providing convenient and secure storage for your equipment. The Magneta UFBCT8 features a commercial frame that can be user upgraded to create a large storage deck.

Ready to solve your canoe transportation needs? View all Magneta canoe trailer model specifications at or call us at 888.940.2628 with questions. Our capable team is ready to help you find the perfect canoe trailer for your needs.