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Malone MegaSport Trailer
Malone MegaSport Outfitter Trailer

Can Carry Kayaks & Canoes
Up To 16' long.
Ships For Free In Continental USA

Magneta UFBCT6 Canoe Trailer / Kayak Trailer
Magneta UFBCT6 Canoe Trailer / Kayak Trailer

For Canoes And Kayaks 12' Or longer
Can Be Ordered With Storage Deck Options



ProSport Trailers Canoe Trailers

Get your canoes to and from the water with a trailer from ProSport Trailers. Our 4 place and 6 place canoe trailers are built to last in the USA. We carry both Magneta canoe trailers and Genesis canoe trailers that provide a blend of functionality and durability. Whether you're a canoe tour company, a canoe rental service, a camp, or a scout troop, our canoe trailers are built to meet your needs.

Canoe Trailers - Features and Options

At ProSport Trailers, we understand the importance of quality. That's why our trailers feature a hot-dipped galvanized frame that is rust resistant and stands up to the elements. Most trailer models come with either 8” or 12" wheels with high-speed tires. An upgrade to 12” or 13" wheels is available for all models. Optional tongue extensions on many models to carry longer canoes. Trailers come pre-wired with submersible lights and a leaf spring suspension that provides a smoother ride, reducing the risk of damage to your canoes during transport.

4 Canoe Trailers

The 4 place canoe trailers we sell are often sold to individuals or small canoe tour and rental companies. These models are great for family or small group use. The Magneta UCT4 is a great choice in this category and can haul canoes up to 18’ standard and up to 20’ with the TX2 tongue extension. Optional poly gear boxes can be added to this trailer. The Genesis KC4214-1000-4 is available in two configurations, the first can handle canoes up to 15’ and the second can carry canoes up to 18’ in length. This Genesis canoe trailer comes standard 4’ tall uprights and 72” wide cross arms.

6 Canoe Trailers

6 place canoe trailers are great for small to medium size canoe rental companies, camps and scout troops. A capable model in this size range include the Genesis KC5416-1000-6 six canoe trailer which can carry canoes that are up to 16’ in length (model KC5418-1000-6 can carry canoes up to 19’). Optional underframe gear carriers are great for strapping gear onto this trailer. The Magneta UCT6 6 canoe trailer is similar to the UCT4 in that it can haul up to 18’ canoes standard and up to 20’ canoes with the optional extension. The Magneta UFCTB features an extra wide 101” frame and is outfitted with 13” wheels. This commercial canoe trailer may be outfitted with fiberglass floor panels and stake pockets to build wooded sides making whole frame area a large storage platform for gear. This is the ultimate if you are looking for a canoe trailer with storage.

ProSport Trailers Has A Canoe Trailer To Fit Your Needs

At ProSport Trailers, we aim to exceed expectations and make getting your canoes to the water a pleasure. With our durable 4 and 6 canoe trailers, you can focus on what really matters: spending quality time on the water. Ready to simplify your canoe transportation? Call us at 888.940.2628 or visit our website at now for trailer specifications and pricing.